About Bahrain

About Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is an island nation comprising of 36 islands, with a combined land mass of about 770 sq kms, located near the western shores of the Persian Gulf. The capital of Bahrain is Manama, which is located in the north of the main island. Bahrain is one of the most progressive nations of the Middle East, which makes it an extremely tourist friendly places and hence sees a huge influx of tourists throughout the year. It also an important financial hub, and sees a great deal of international business on a regular basis.

The history books portray Bahrain as an important trading spot. It was among the most important pearl trading hubs in the world at one point in time. It also played an important role in bridging the business ties between Asia and The Middle East. As one of the most lucrative trading hot spots in the region, it soon flourished as home to a hub of multicultural ethnicities, which greatly influenced its diverse and rich cultural heritage.

Bahrain was the first of the Gulf states to discover oil, which helped shape its rich economy. It was also the first state to stop relying on oil as its sole source of income, and focussed on other avenues such as tourism. This led to the establishment of Bahrain’s diverse, yet stable economy. Bahrain has an extremely diverse business prospects flourishing on its soil, such as logistics, manufacturing, communications, data management, IT, etc.

The country is a fine example of the old world colliding with the new. Bahrainis are quite fond of preserving their ancient mosques, minars, souqs and other historical buildings, but also make way for innovative, architectural marvels to take shape alongside as well. Although arid, and flat for the most part, one can find numerous parks, zoos and other forms of biodiversity in the island nation.

The country has a thriving arts scene, which includes excellent music, literature, sports etc. Bahrain’s two most favourite sporting events are football and Formula 1 racing. The country even has its own Formula 1 race track, and holds races regularly.

Bahrain sports a generally relaxed atmosphere, which makes holidaying and even living here an absolute bliss.

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