Chimi Lhakhang: See Why It’s Bhutan’s Most Visited Temple

Inability to conceive is one such problem which does not obtain conquered by sharing talks with individuals. It can also become worse often with medications which obtain tougher to manage. Despite the fact that it is not feasible to think yet Chimi Lhakhang is one such holy place. If you are still puzzled concerning this then do visit to count on the wonders that this temple can do.

Learn About Chimi Lhakhang:


The Chimi Lhakhang Monastery or Chimi Lhakhang Holy Place was made by Ngawang Chogyel, in Drukpa Hierarch. It’s located in the District Punakha of Bhutan. The stupa or meditation hall located in this abbey was constructed by a yogi that is referred to as “Divine Madman.”

The appeal of Chimi Lhakhang:


It is famous throughout Bhutan for the marvels of fertility among couples. Also, pairs with children visit this temple to take blessings for an excellent life as well as health from the saint who is said to have the “Wisdom of Magical Thunderbolt.”

Do you know:

Chimi Lhakhang’s history takes you to the moments at the time Drukpa Kunley, the owner of Buddhism visited this location. He was a widely known figure that was understood for his crazy means of singing songs which showed sex-related effects and outright absurdness.

The story behind:

Drukpa Kunley came in Punakha to repel the devil from Dochula. The Madman developed a thunderbolt of wisdom and defeated the satanic force that was in a dog’s form. Nonetheless, when he went there to catch the dead satanic force and took it over the stupa he said: “Chi Mi” which signifies “No Dog.” As an outcome of which the sign of Phallus is believed to bring luck, as well as success and maintain away the bad power. Also, every wall of frameworks or structure is repainted or carved with this icon.

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Entrance Cost as well as Timings:


Timings: Between 9 am and 5 pm Days: On any kind of day of the week

Entrance cost: Free

Emphasizes Chimi Lhakhang be seen:


There are numerous other tourist attractions in this holy place which makes it unique from other holy places. They are:

  • The large petition wheel and black stupa:


The first point to discover while a visitor moves on in the direction of the temples is the significant petition wheels. You can additionally see the black stupa which was claimed to have been made to record the dead devil.

  • The Golden roofing system of the holy place:


The holy place of Chimi Lhakhang is perfectly adorned with brownish as well as gold roofing and is enhanced with golden medallions along the white walls of the temple. The style of the holy place illustrates simpleness and charm. The holy place is little, yet it spreads peace, as well as serenity.

  • The popular sculpture of Master Padmasambhava:


At the facility of the temple, you will discover the statuary of fantastic Guru Padmasambhava in addition to the reclining statuary of the Divine Madman. The couples without children are provided wooden phallus. And after having a kid, they come back to name the kids, as well as this name is sculpted on bamboo timber.

Tips for seeing Chimi Lhakhang:


  • Cameras are not allowed inside the temple
  • No person needs to tease the architecture and art of the temple
  • The holy place properties have to not be harmed
  • No brief garments are permitted inside the temple
  • The walking to Chimi Lhakhang is satisfying
  • You have to make sure to select the Bhutanese Thangka Artworks
  • Experience the hospitality of the locals
  • Wonders do occur in this modern globe

This might make you count on magic as this holy place is indeed a magical one. One has to see to experience the originality, as well as elegance of the holy place.

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