Choose Trekking in The Langtang Valley Region That Is Both Healthy and Affordable.

Introduction –

One of the most popular and least crowded destinations in Nepal is the Langtang. Langtang is known for trekking. One of the best parts that you will know about the Langtang region is that it is a laid-back region. So, if you are looking for some region of trekking which is laid back and less crowded, then you should be visiting Langtang. It is one of the trekking spots, which is close to Kathmandu and that also is close to the Tibet borders. Apart from all of that, one of the amazing facts that you will know about the Langtang trek region is that it is specifically protected under the Langtang National Park. If you love nature, then you are lucky to be here in Langtang, as the park has a huge range of fauna and flora, which encompasses climates from subtropical to alpine.

National Park Langtang

The large area of the park is an area covered by the forest and it comprises of many endangered wildlife. You will also find that the Langtang region consists of several beautiful Himalayas, like Langtang Lirung and Ganesh Himal. Apart from all of that, the ethnic community that stays in the Langtang region consists of the Sherpa and Tamang, and their culture and traditions also resemble Tibetan society. The Langtang valley treks is located in the north of the Kathmandu Valley and is close to and easily accessible from Kathmandu. If you are driving from Langtang to Kathmandu or Kathmandu to Langtang, then it is just a 7-hour drive. You will also reach the Trek star point. Besides driving, you can also take a local bus or some private vehicle from Kathmandu city.

No Chance of Any Sickness –

When you will enter the Langtang Valley trek, the entrance point will be a small town known as “Dhunche,” from which you will be beginning your trek. The trail is easy and less crowded, and it goes directly from the high point to the settlements like Kyanjin Gompa. Also, there are very low chances for you to get altitude sickness as the Langtang valley trek goes down below 4,500 metres. Another amazing thing that you will know about this Langtang base camp is that, compared to Everest or Annapurna base camps, this is one of the best base camps here. And, some of the reasons why the Langtang valley trek is something that cannot be compared is because here you can get to see the spectacular views of the Himalayas. One of the main points of appeal of the Langtang region is the Lirung of Langtang, standing tall, which is just an amazing view from the lower elevations.

Himalayas From Langtang Region –

Some of the best Himalayas that you can watch during the Langtang Valley Trek tour are the Dorje Lakpa, Ganesh Himal, Sisha Pangma, and many others. Besides all of these, the Langtang region is also famous for peak climbing, as one can climb several peaks in the Langtang like Tserko Ri, Langtang Lirung, Yala Peak, Naya Kanga, and many others. As climbing Mount Everest is very costly, you can try out the minor peak climbing in the Langtang region, like Naya Kanga Peak and Yala Peak, which is one of the best alternatives that you can get.