Things to know before visiting Scotland

With everything from contrasting landscapes to varying cultures, dramatic history and, of course, spectacular cities, Scotland is bound to some of the unique aspects you won’t find in Europe and perhaps, the whole world.

This piece of land gives its visitors a list of reasons to visit. And frankly speaking, there is no excuse to not visit this country.

The question is are you planning for a visit to Scotland or one of its cities. If yes, then this article is just for you.

Scotland is a beautiful place with gorgeous cities. But as a tourist, there are a few things you need to know before planning a visit to Scotland. Doesn’t matter for what purpose you are about to visit Scotland. Here are a few things to keep in mind in the first place.

  • Get familiar with a Scottish accent

Scotland is indeed a part of the United Kingdom and not too far from England, yet still, there are a lot more things which add up to the difference between British and Scottish culture. One of them is the Scottish accent.

While people in Scotland do speak English, they can also use Scottish words in the middle of nowhere. Scottish English is not similar to that of British or Irish. Relax! You don’t want to learn to speak in a Scottish accent. Nor do you need to learn Scottish languages.

But experts suggest being familiar with the Scottish accent since it can be difficult at times to under the language. And if you don’t want communication problems or language barriers to ruin your trip, be prone to a Scottish accent.

  • Culture and customs

Scotland as well as Scottish people are warm and inviting to visitors. Its people won’t cause you trouble during your visit. While most Scottish hesitate to talk to strangers, they can be super friendly and nice to visitors.

Besides that, most Scottish families follow their culture and traditional practices and exercise their customs. You can expect more culturally motivated people in Towns and the countryside.

Before you hop into the plane, you must get a brief idea of the culture and tradition of Scotland. Know what are things Scottish people don’t like or what their culture prohibits.

As mentioned earlier, Scottish people take their culture quite seriously. Tourists are advised to respect their customs and cultural practices. You don’t want to get into trouble, right?

  • The weather 

Weather is some of the things you can’t predict in Scotland. A day in Scotland can be bone-chilling, Hot and sometimes both.

You can also experience frequent rains and snowfall or sweltering summers as well. So, while packing to Scotland, consider all the various types of weather clothing depending upon the time of year you are visiting.

Include waterproof clothing, sweaters, winter protecting clothes and so on.

  • Vacation home

While accommodation won’t be a huge issue when visiting Scotland, you can face difficulties while finding a suitable holiday cottage.

Good for you; there is a multitude of places and Vacation home in Edinburgh and other purpose cities available for visitors. You can rent any of them depending on your preferences.