Tips for Dressing Like Pirates Before Sailing on Pirate Ship in Tenerife


Tenerife Island is known for its beautiful beaches, volcanoes, and natural beauty. What attracts the most attention is the dolphin and whale watching on cruises and boats. Boat trips are organized for a full day or half-day and tourists can rent a boat accordingly. Some tour companies also include other water activities to make it a fun-filled trip.

To make it more thrilling tourists also book pirate boats. The pirate boat ride is best suited for small children and the elderly. This boat will provide them with quiet moments, while they both enjoy them. They will sail around the ocean, stopping for a brief dip if desired.

To add to the thrill, the instructor’s video the entire experience for everyone on the boat to watch later and remember. Not only will you be sailing in this boat, but you will also be able to see dolphins and pilot whales as they swim by. The boat has enough room for you to run from one side to the other while watching dolphins or pilot whales swim beside it.

It is simple to book a trip on the Pirate ship Tenerife from Club Canary. This boat, which resembles a pirate ship, is a genuine Portuguese Gulet. On the pirate ship, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back in time, reliving the thrills of ancient sailing. Even though there are other boats to choose from, a journey aboard the Peter Pan pirate ship is a fantastic option for families. The trip is of 2-3 hours and Club Canary gives discounts to huge groups.

To add the cherry on the top, dress your family like pirates. Kids would love the experience. Some groups organize events on pirate ships for the whole night and they keep the pirates as a party theme. If you also want to become a part of this memorable moment, then wear attire and add a few things that impress everyone and surely catch your attention.


Tips to Dress Like a Pirate

  • Wear a dirty shirt to look like a shabby pirate. Remember pirates were never neat, they always wore the tightest pants and shirts with holes and wriggles on them.
  • Bandanas were useful for keeping sweat out of the eyes. Wrapping a bandana on top of the head will give that complete hardworking look.
  • Earrings work as status symbols. Huge ear loops in one or both eras gave the perfect goon look.
  • Eye patches, wooden legs, and hooks are both symbols of a pirate’s life and violent experiences. They were meant to disguise or compensate for scars and injuries received while working and fighting with their crewmates.
  • A pirate captain will be well-dressed in high-quality fabric that were tailored to his exact measurements with a hat that usually has an unusual bird feather in it, and he would wear some jewels to signify his status. A hefty duty belt would be expected, as well as good, trustworthy weapons like a sword or a gun toy.

Use the right props and attire to get that pirate feeling. enjoy with your family sail on a pirate ship and remember this moment for lifelong.