Top 3 Best Countries to visit in 2022 

Where should I travel in 2022? What are the most popular locations to travel to during the pandemic? Which is the best place to visit next time? These are some of the most common questions you may hear or ask yourself when planning for a weekend trip.

Questions like this are common after the world is heading back to normality and countries are opening the international trade for world tourists. Thanks to the limitations in travel restrictions

While there are a bunch of different sources on the internet where you can get inspiration for your next trip, not all of these sources are trustworthy and reliable. Don’t worry; you can now plan your next international vacation in the comfort of your home. No need to sit with a pen and paper or shortlist the best destinations.

Today, we bring you a comprehensive list of the best destinations or countries to visit. After referring to millions of travelers and tourists, our expert’s hand-picked famous nations to cherish the experience they offer to tourists. Take a look!

  • Mauritius

First things first, Mauritius is with no doubt the best place to visit in Mauritius. Mark Twain wrote that “Mauritius was built first and then the heaves.” Indeed, it’s a heaven on earth for the most part. You guessed it right. The country is an island nation located in the Indian ocean.

The island is famous for white beaches accompanied by luxury resorts as well as 3 to 5-star hotels. But there is so much more you can do and visit in Mauritius than its beautiful beaches and outstanding cliffs.

Mauritius is the kind of place that offers the best experience to even the smallest attempts of exploration. And believe me or not, you will not regret visiting this small yet wonderful island. Tourists can go hiking in the mountains, indulge in skydiving, and snorkeling offshore. You name it.

Other than that, tourists can experience boat riding and excursions to plantation houses and famous gardens. To put it into simple words, Mauritius is a world-class tourist destination with great wildlife, natural wonders, crystal clear water, and many more.

  • Canada

If you were not considering Canada on your travel bucket list, you are probably missing out on something for your vacations. Well, after reading this, you will definitely consider Canada.

Does not matter what you are looking for when you travel aboard; Canada has all to deliver. Looking for outdoor adventure? Well, Canada is what you need. Want to explore food and culture? I’m sure you will be overwhelmed by the food on your table when in Canada, and about the culture thing, they have got that too.

Additionally, there is a magnificent nature that is vibrant across the country. You can prove this by the fact that this country has around 55 National Wildlife areas across the country. From stunning natural habitats to colorful cities and a long coastal area, you will find almost everything in Canada.

When it comes to culture, Canada is second to none. You will find a huge variation in the culture, religion, and communities living together in harmony while looking forward to the future.

  • Scotland 

Scotland is definitely the best place you should add to your next life when you are planning for a tour of Europe. And there is a reason why! not one but a multitude of reasons as to why you should pay a visit to Scotland.

Scotland is the best option in summers and winters as well. Most travelers even suggest Scotland is suitable all year round. What that means is you can never go wrong whenever you visit this nation. Why? Mainly because the climate conditions are similar throughout the whole year, making it suitable for travelers to visit any time of the year they want.

Scotland Vacations is extremely popular for its spectacular landscape. Not just the natural instinct, but the country is filled with vibrant cities ranging from Glasgow to Edinburgh.

If your Scotland Vacations is based on knowing the country and its people, there are plenty of museums, and cultural sites tourists can consider. From the National Museum of Scotland to Edinburgh Castle, there are a lot more things to discover in Scotland than you think.

Are you a foodie? We got your back! The Scottish cuisine and drinks are worth every single penny. Your taste buds won’t forget the flavors of delicious Scottish cuisine for the rest of your life.


These are the top three most popular countries to visit in 2022. Out of these three, Scotland is what we recommend due to the amenities and travel services you get in the country. Aside from that, if you are really restricted due to your budget, this country is the perfect option since you can get the most out of Scotland Vacations without spending much. Hence, it will be a budget-friendly trip filled with unforgettable experiences.